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Dragon Wing Girl

  • Dragonwing girlgear product selectionsDragonwing girlgear, high performance sports apparel for girls
  • Racer Bra The Dragonwing girlgear seamless racer sports bra in black with teal. be bold. be confident. be you.
  • Untee Sports Cami The Dragonwing girlgear Untee sports cami (sports bra). shown in bright pink, lime, and sky blue. Be sporty. be joyful. be you.
  • Undee Light Compression Shorts Dragonwing girlgear compression shorts. Be tough, be committed, be you.
  • Dragonwing girlgear sports bras Dragonwing girlgear sports bras. super support comfort and style

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High-performance apparel for girls

Dragonwing girlgear empowers girls to play -- and be -- their best. Our high performance, supportive, and comfortable undergarments are designed specifically for teen and pre-teen girls, ages 8-17, so they can move and play sports with confidence - hence the name, girlgear.

Made of high-tech, moisture wicking fabrics and designed to fit girls at all stages of development, Dragonwing clothing -- sports bras, compression shorts, sports camis, and base layers -- gives girls the freedom to move and play with confidence.  Instead of worrying about their changing bodies or being distracted by poorly fitting clothes, they can focus on the sports and activities they love.

Don't take our word for it ...

"Dragonwing girlgear is my favorite to wear when I am rock climbing because the fabric is so soft and very flexible, so I can do awesome moves!! I love how all the Un-Tees match with the spandex. They're wearable with everything. I love Dragonwing girlgear!! It ROCKS!!"
– Dorrit, age 11, Cary, N.C

"As a mother of two daughters, I'm happy to see feminine and sporty girls' wear. It's important for girls to feel comfortable and look good. I love the new designs."
– Anne, mom, Boston, Mass.

"I wore Dragonwing Un-Tees all summer long. I love all the bright color choices. I wear the Un-Dees under my field hockey skirt, and under my soccer and basketball shorts. They are so comfortable!"
– Eva, age 14, Chapel Hill, N.C.

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Sideline Chatter Blog

Play Wedgie-Free & Without Distraction

Monica watched her 10-year old granddaughter on the softball field as she adjusted her uniform again and again, tugging at the bulky compression shorts that were bunching up under her uniform. The girl glanced around self-consciously each time to see if anyone noticed.

"She was totally distracted by those shorts that just didn't fit properly," Monica told us a couple of weeks after buying a pair of our Un-Dee Light Compression Shorts. Since she started wearing Dragonwing, Monica's granddaughter "hasn't picked a wedgie!"grandma_wedgie_free

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